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Revamp Your Business

Is your web-business adapted to the latest industry trends ?
Can you squeeze out the biggest opportunities and avoid risks ?
SparkJunction can refresh your business and propel it to success !

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*Experience since 2005, SparkJunction launched in 2011 Ebusiness and Online Marketing Consultancy

Services for Web-based Businesses

Vast areas of e-business activity are covered and most services are tailor-made.
Here are just 4 of Spark Junction's leading services:

Site Auditing

Professional site auditing services will measure the indicators, parameters, strengths and weaknesses of your site.

A final report along with recommendations will be sent out after thorough evaluation.

Web Presence Boosting

Gain popularity, improve your SERPs and key SEO indicators, attract more visitors with Spark Junction's tailor-made web presence boosting services.

These are custom SEO services, based on solid experience since 2005.


Content creation and management is vital for any successful web-based business.

More so: the content needs to be SE compatible and adequately optimized.

News, Trends, Events

Free news, information about the trends are provided periodically.

So is a list of events like conferences, expos, workshops in the e-business industry.

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