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About Us

Published: March 30, 2012

Edited: January 16, 2014

Functioning within the IT sector, Spark Junction is an independent e-business consultancy and online digital marketing service provider.
This site independently provides consultancy, advertising and a large number of related services with the main focus on internet marketing and e-business process planning.

Spark Junction's services cover areas and activities like: SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC, e-business ERP, web analytics, site auditing, e-business trend reporting, courses/trainings, free industry-related news and reports etc.

This site was founded in 2011, but staff experience dates back to 2001.

During pre-Spark Junction times, partners included big names like: Hilton, Hotwire, Expedia, Delta Airlines, eDreams etc.

Check the Benefits section for testimonials by Spark Junction's clients, partners (since 2011).


To establish a unique, easy-to-use e-business consultancy and news-delivery platform ( with the aim to serve well-established online businesses, start-up companies and also enthusiastic learners who'd like to learn and understand more about e-business processes.


To bring a fresh breeze of new ideas into the already complex World of e-business and to strive to exceed the expectations of our partners and clients.

Spark Junction wishes to help online businesses thrive by achieving their primary objectives: achieving better-performing advertising, generating higher incomes, redesigning company processes for higher efficiency.


Spark Junction stands on strong business ethics and it values good relations above profits.

Spark Junction respects and values cultural differences, nuances and cultural diversity in overall.

Spark Junction is an empathic enterprise and wishes to develop extended mutually beneficial relationships with partners and clients from all over the World!

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Spark Junction has been using the following slogans:

"E-business Consultancy at Your Fingertips" (June 2011 - December 25 2013)
"Boosting Online Businesses" (from December 25 2013 onward)



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