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Published: January 22, 2014

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This document contains the terms, conditions and obligations regarding copyrighted content on this website.
Please refer to this document with regards to any textual or image content published on

Spark Junction Logo, Name, Slogans's logo, the name and the slogans are all the exclusive property of this website's owner.
These may not be reproduced in their original form, nor in any altered way (with any modifications/alterations), regardless whether entirely or partially, without prior consent from

Copyrighted Content of 3rd Parties

All content, such as photos/images/illustrations, fonts or other content that have been by- created and are distirbuted by other parties than are being published on this website by respecting the policies of their distributors.
The source of stock imagery published on Spark are and Part of the imagery has been paid for, while a limited number of images have been freely distributed by the mentioned sites to registered member accounts and/or e-mail addresses.

Textual Content

All textual content on that doesn't contain quoted text from another party/author/website, is exclusively onwed by the owner of this website and may not be reproduced, republished entirely or partially by any 3rd party without prior consent given by



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