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Published: March 30, 2012

Edited: December 27, 2013

This disclaimer specifies the scopes, obligations and relations of with 3rd parties (other sites or companies featured, listed on this site or other parties who sell services through and also presents the nature, content and limits of's activity.

Activity & Scope is a digital marketing service provider.

This is an independent website offering both free and paid e-business services, which primarily mean SEM consultancy

The most common services provided include: SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC, e-business ERP, web analytics, site auditing, e-business trend reporting, courses/trainings, free industry-related news and reports etc.

Obligations, Responsibilities, Copyright sells its own IT services and also intermediates between buyers and other sellers (3rd parties). Articles, such as news and others might rarely have a 3rd party source, if specified on the respective page, published by

All written content published on is the property of this site and may not be reproduced, copied, re-printed either partially or entirely without prior consent - with the exception of short textual quotes, if the exact source ( is specified.

Brand names, product/service names, quotations published (as quotes), emblems, photos, graphical elements on or any other material are the property of their respective owners/creators. These may not be reproduced without prior consent with the respectie owners.

A limited number of graphics, logos, photos, various design elements, including fonts used by on this website or through other means are all published with permission (in some cases these elements were paid for). These design elements are the property of their respective creators, owners.
The primary source for published images/graphics/photos is - publishes these (either freely with permission or by paying for them and with permission) by respecting the terms, regulations of

Please check the Copyright page for complete information about copyrighted material on

Spark Junction is not responsible for anything related to the services of 3rd parties, websites, phone numbers and companies reachable directly from the sources of

The Terms of Use contains the general terms and conditions for regarding the usage of

The Privacy Policy of treats the privacy-related issues regarding this website and its services.



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