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Published: March 30, 2012

Edited: December 26, 2013

If you're a true professional, you must keep pace with the latest trends and you must develop a network of business partners and collaborators.
These are the most important e-business, online marketing, events in 2014...

Conferences, Exhibitions, Summits in 2014

SMX - Search Marketing Expo
Self-entitled, "The World's Leading Search Engine Marketing Conference", SMX is a major global search engine marketing conference series, organized by Search Engine Land.
Thematic(s): SEM, SEO, PPC
Event type: conference
Locations: Jerusalem [Jan.26], San Jose (California) [Mar.11-13], Münich [Mar.25-26], London [May 13-14], Sydney [May 27-28], Seattle [Jun. 11-12], Paris [Jun.16-17], New York [Sep.30], Stockholm [Oct.], Milano [Nov.], Las Vegas [Nov.19-20]
Organized by: Search Engine Land

ClickZ Live/SES
Used to be known as "SES", the event was rebranded "ClickZ Live" and is organized by ClickZ.
The event is held in various major cities around the globe, with a very strong presence in Asia.
Thematic(s): SEM, SEO, PPC
Event type: conference, expo
Locations: SES London [Feb.10-13], SES Jakarta [Mar.18-19], Clickz Live New York [Mar.31-Apr.3], Clickz Live Toronto [May 14-16], Clickz Live Shanghai [May 28-29], Clickz Live San Francisco [Aug.11-14], Clickz Live Hong Kong [Sep.16-18], Clickz Live Chicago [Nov.3-6], Clickz Live Singapore [Dec.2-3]
Organized by: ClickZ

Digital marketing conference and expo. AdTech, often written "ad:tech" calls itself an interactive advertising and technology conference and exhibition.
Thematic(s): SEM, SMM, PPC, mobile marketing, telecommunication
Event type: conference, exhibition
Locations: Sydney [Mar.18], New Delhi [Mar.20], San Francisco [Mar.26], Chicago [Jun.6], Kyushu [Jul.8], Singapore [Jul.8], Tokyo [Sep.17], London [Oct.21], New York [Nov.5]
Organized by: ad:tech (itself)

One of the most well-known US-held series of online marketing events. It's basically a mix between a conference and training sessions.
Pubcon is generally held in cities located in the Southeastern USA.
Event type: conference, training
Locations: Austin (Texas) [Jan.28], New Orleans (Louisiana) [Mar.17-20]
Organized by: Pubcon (itself)

Affiliate Summit
Online marketing event held in the USA exclusively, focusing on business-to-business internet marketing relations, namely: affiliate marketing.
Thematic(s): affiliate marketing
Event type: conference
Locations: Las Vegas [Jan.12-18], New York [Aug.10-12]
Organized by: Affiliate Summit (itself)

The event is organized by and it tries to break away from the typical conference patterns.
The most popular subjects at their events are: SEO, social media, community building, content marketing, brand development, CRO, the mobile landscape, analytics, and others.
Thematic(s): inbound marketing
Event type: conference
Locations: Seattle (Washington) [Jul.14-16]
Organized by:

IMS - Inbound Marketing Summit
Focuses on inbound marketing issues and is held in various US cities.
Thematic(s): inbound marketing
Event type: conference
Locations: Philadelphia [Feb.19], Kansas City [Mar.12], New York [Apr.9], Atlanta [May 14], Chicago [Jun.25], San Francisco [Jul.16], Austin (Texas) [Aug.6], Seattle (Washington) [Sep.10], Portland (Oregon) [Oct.15], Boston [Nov.5]
Organized by: IMS - Inbound Marketing Summit (itself)



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