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Published: January 12, 2013

Edited: December 27, 2013

Spark Junction offers online marketing services covering the SEM/SEO/SMM areas.
Concrete services include: trends and reports publications, custom SEO, featured advertising,

E-business Consultancy Services

Here's the array of services offered by Spark Junction. Some paid, others are free.
All services are subject to modification and some of them are strictly limited to a few custom campaigns.

E-business Courses
Online business planning- and management-related services (these do not include detailed online marketing).
Similarly to the online marketing courses, these are courses focusing on the activities within e-business in general. Advice, strategic tips are offered through these courses.
The e-business courses might contain online marketing-related sections, but overall they focus on online business management, organization.

Online Marketing Courses
These are available for download upon online payment and are generally e-books.
Various courses covering selected topics, issues are available for paid download.

Targeted Featured Advertising
We intermediate between advertisement sellers and buyers. If you need ad space, exposure for your business, then request help from Spark Junction.

Industry Trend Reports
Actual e-business industry-related reports containing detailed information about the direction towards which we're headed.
Want to know what's the "next big thing" in online business?
Do you want your business to be in line with the current trends?
How about understanding future trends in order for your business to benefit more from them?
It's all under this section - available periodically. Some limits may apply. Some of our reports are free, others are paid. Some are launched and kept online for a limited timeframe, others will be available for longer periods.

Complete Site Auditing
Just like companies sometimes require auditing services, sites as well!
The site auditing service consists of measuring key indicators of performance and value - this is necessary to understand the strengths, weaknesses of your site.

SEO & SERPs Analysis
We can also analyze your site from the point of you of search engine optimization. Namely we can analyze your on-page SEO, off-page SEO, SERPs for selected keywords etc. and finally we will issue a report about your site - this document will be available exclusively to the website owner/manager and will reflect the detailed SEO/SERPs-related results.

SMO & SM Consultancy
Social media marketing is more than just "trendy", it has become a necessity.
Is your business ready for it? Or do you require help?
We offer consultancy, optimization services in social media marketing.

PPC Campaign Management
If you'd like to squeeze more out of your PPC advertising campaigns, then turn to We'll run optimized campaigns by using our own unique techniques that will help you minimize your bids and maximize the traffic stream.

Strategic Business Advice to Web-based Start-ups
Are you preparing, planning to launch a new online business.
If so, then you should know that the vast majority of online start-up businesses fail. offers consultancy services in order to minimize risks and exploit business potential. Don't start any online business without consulting us first!

Conferences, Workshops, Gatherings (E-business Events From All Around the World)
It's always good to meet with professionals from around the World, so we've created a dedicated section where you can obtain information and even discounts for the major e-business events around the World.
The vast majority are SEO and online marketing conferences.
Check the "EVENTS" section to see where they are held, what they're all about etc.!

The vast majority of the upper services are custom services and are offered at request to a select few clients - mainly due to the intense work involved, Spark Junction has to limit the services offered.



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