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5 Things That We Forget and Thus,
Limit our Business' Potential

Published: November 17, 2012

Edited: December 24, 2013

Are you blocking your own way to success?
As surprising as it may sound: we're entrepreneurs are quite often their own biggest enemy - they are limiting their own business' potential without even knowing!

We plan and plan, but especially those of us who just started out might commit major mistakes that will influence the online business' long-term potential and therefore, the profit!

Choosing the business model, management or pure naive omissions of simple information can do tremendous harm to your long-term success. This kind of harm is one that narrows down the potential for development. Thus, making you earn less on the long term.

These mistakes are rather invisible and occur due to omissions, neglect, lack of information or experience...

Not Attracting Members, Not Building Communities

While in the recent past pretty much everyone was optimizing sites for high CTRs and aiming to achieve the best conversion rates, today the accent is on building communities. Loyal clients are likely to buy from you again in the future and they're also keen on spreading news as "word of mouth".

Don't just focus on earning a quick buck, but build long-term relationships with your visitors, construct communities.

The easiest way is to use Facebook fan pages and Twitter channels and/or to create newsletters. There are plenty of free tools for this out there on the internet.

If you'd like to run a sustainable business, then building communities is indispensable.

You should be prepared though: constructing communities is a complex activity, maintaining good relations with you members is even harder than having them already on your list.

Cross-browser Incompatibilities And Cross-language Incompatibilities

How is your site coded? Did you check your site from another PC that's not in your office?

Fonts not displayed correctly, site design appearing mixed up can ruin the experience of your visitors...

Generally these incompatibilities are coding-related issues and language-related issues.

A Central European language-coded page might not display properly to US users...

A site running well in a new Chrome browser might not display well in a new Internet Explorer browsers - would appear even worse in an old version Internet Explorer.

Make sure you are coding in such a way that there is cross-nation and cross-browser compatibility. It's not just the browser type, but also the browser version that counts.

Not Adding a Contact E-mail or Feedback Form to Your Website

What if one day you lose a "once in a lifetime opportunity" to make a great business deal? You have to let others get in touch with you - some of the best deals might not be the ones that you will find, but the ones that come to you when others find you!

Not Being Up to Date With The Online World's Latest Trends

This is one of the biggest and most common mistakes that online business managers commit. The smartphone industry, the new Google algorithms (Panda launched in early 2011, Penguin in mid 2012), the social media revolution (especially intense around 2010, when it started emerging) and others are often neglected...

If you are not in pace with the latest trends and revolutions in e-business and the IT & C industry, then your business will lag behind and stronger competitors will emerge. Popularity and profits will suffer on the long term. Too much neglect could prove fatal to your business!

Forgetting to Build a Brand

A website should bear a brand name, otherwise it won't succeed on the long term. Your business partners and customers need to remember a well-defined identity.

Brand awareness will be more important in the SERPs in the future, sites with obscure names and/or keyword-based URLs will "take the dip".



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