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7 Tips On How to Defend Against Hits from Panda and Penguin

Published: November 17, 2012

Edited: December 24, 2013

Was your site affected by the Panda and Penguin algorithmic updates?
This is a common problem that webmasters face. It's a delicate issue that requires a carefully put-together plan to cope with.

If your site was hit, then you'll have to work on recovering and making sure it doesn't happen again.

Therefore you'll have to re-think your strategies and make sure you check the following 7 tips:

Did you outsource your SEO/SEM activity? If so, then find out which techniques are your SEO company is using! They might do more harm to your site while you not knowing!

Stay in touch with the latest news within the online marketing community (join forums, post your ideas and ask questions) - there are many members with long experience in the field, who can can advise you on which techniques work and which don't

Educate yourself, learn the Google Panda and Penguin mechanisms and there's nothing better at this time than our "Google Organic Search Marketing Success" downloadable course

Stop participating in artificial linking schemes: regardless whether circular linking or reciprocal - these are extremely harmful and Google's Penguin filter will severely penalize your site at the slightest sign of such manipulation of the SERPs

After getting educated/documented: revise your techniques and build effective new strategies, but make sure that you scrap the obsolete ones that can do harm

Except the content, you will need to put more energy into technically improving your site - for instance, making it run faster, making it mobile-compatible (if it's your site's case)

Build long-term relations with your existing Facebook fans, newsletter members and other followers: many say "the money is in the list" - if you want to ensure long-term profit, then you'll need a swarm of loyal members



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