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7 Tips to Improve Your Alexa Ranking

Published: November 17, 2012

Edited: December 24, 2013

The Alexa Rank is still one of the most important site popularity indicators.
Let's see more about why it's still so important and how you can use it to measure your site's performance.

The lower the Alexa Toolbar, the higher ranking the respective website has. Ideally you would aim at achieving as lower numbers as possible (which are shown by the Alexa Toolbar).

If you are working in the online marketing industry, then you know that in this industry the Alexa Ranks are in general very high (lower figures shown by the toolbar).

Also, if you'd like to sell advertisements or even if you're trying to sell your website, then a decent Alexa Rank is a "must have".

Here are several tips on how to improve your Alexa Ranking:

1. Claim Your Site on Alexa This allows you to get full control of your site listing on Alexa. It allows you to respond to reviews, display the site information that you wish etc.

2. Install the Alexa Toolbar on All Your Office PCs
Make sure you have the toolbar installed in a compatible browser (it doesn't work with all browsers).
Whenever your site receives visits through the respective toolbar, the ranking will improve.

3. Place an Alexa Widget on Your Site
This is another way to help increase your ranking - especially useful when your visitors entering your site don't have the Alexa Toolbar installed.

4. Ask Visitors to Review Your Site on Alexa
Of course, you will have to be ready for positive and negative opinions as well.

5. Attract Traffic From Alexa Toolbar Users
In order to do so, you must target them well. Generally the "techies", bloggers, online marketers/SEO-ers, e-business forum members tend to have the Alexa Toolbar installed. When they pop-in to your URL, they will contribute to a better rank!

6. Increase the Overall Traffic
The more people arrive at your site, the more of them will have the Alexa Toolbar installed. And, because the toolbar is used to measure the rank, this will contribute to improving yours!
Naturally, getting traffic is probably the hardest thing to achieve in online marketing!

7. Stimulate Social Media Interaction Through Shares
If you share your links with a large audience, the information propagates. The more people drop-in to your pages, the better Alexa Rank you will have.
It is important to have as intense social media-driven traffic as possible.



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