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Dilemma: Higher CTR or Long-term Development?

Published: April 22, 2014

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Are you hoping for the highest possible CTR? Or do you want quality traffic, rather than earning a quick buck?
Let's take a look at both options and their consequences on an online business.

In e-business, CTR is a key indicator of clients' interest towards the offered services/products. It represents the interest, because it's the "click-through rate".

Most of us track the CTR on ads displayed, but it can also be tracked for internal links.

The higher the CTR, the better - is the common belief.

Those who earn from affiliate marketing generally yearn for the higher figures. The higher the CTR, the more clicks, leads, sales are generated, thus increasing the income.

But wishing for higher CTR figures means wanting to earn a quick buck.

But in new age SEO, it's developing a business for the long run is that's essential, not short-term profits.

Think about your websites and your goals. Are you focusing on squeezing out income on the short-term or do you want to develop your website?

If you're focusing to increase your CTR on advertisements, then you are in fact losing visitors. The higher your ad CTR will be, the more visitors you will send out.

Obviously, your income will increase, but this generally won't help develop your business.

Ensuring long-term profits requires stimulating your visitors to return to your website.
This includes: attracting Facebook fans and various other social media followers, stimulating visitors for subscriptions, offering your own services rather than building a business model focusing on ad-serving etc.



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