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The Future of SEO in Danger?

Published: April 30, 2012

Edited: December 25, 2013

Is the future of SEO in danger under the current algortihmic conditions?
Here are a few thoughts on the issue concerning the future of SEO...

Google has been cracking down on search engine manipulating techniques used by online businesses and many of these have to do with SEO, the way a website is optimized, constructed. The Google Panda algorithm represents a major change in the way Google analyzes and ranks websites in its search results.

Recently, Google explicitly affirmed that they will be able to determine website quality and rank sites in their search lists without SEO. They are also working on improving their searcher's quality by lowering the ranks of "over SEO-ed" sites.

Many sites have been losing visitors and dropping in ranks due to excessive content optimization and intensive keyword-based link building.

Keyword optimization is less important today than it has been during the past decade.

Google uses the technique called "latent semantic indexing", which helps the search engine determine what the content of a page is about without the meta tags and without scanning for keywords.

The trend is towards semantic search and social media interaction will add more to a site's value than content optimization or intense link building.

Some are asking themselves whether SEO will still exist in the future. Nevertheless, the drastic changes brought by Google's Panda algorithm have made SEO harder and riskier than ever before.

Even major established sites have been losing huge amounts of visitors, some even went bankrupt due to the stringent Panda filters, which scan and penalize entire sites periodically.

Old techniques are not working anymore, but online marketing will still exist. And, it must not be confused with search engine optimization. Although, just a few years ago SEO used to be considered the "backbone" of online marketing.

Certainly, new ways of making sites better will emerge, so SEO will not disappear completely.

Many businesses are severely threatened by the recent changes. SEO and online marketing agencies are at crossroads right now. Adapting to the changes can lead to recovery, but it's a road full of risks, other potential dangers.

Because Google Panda has rewritten the parameters of online marketing, many of the SEO/online marketing firms are finding it extremely hard to cope with the new trends, while at the same time they are losing clients.

Could it be that SEO/online marketing firms will be less needed in the future?

Google will be able to rank non-SEO-ed sites and the trends are pointing towards monitoring visitor interaction-related metrics. The vast majority of techniques aren't working anymore and whole business models will have to be redesigned.

Advertising has been hard hit. E-content providers, affiliate marketers and bloggers are among those most severely affected by the Panda algorithm.

Adapting to the changes depends on innovation and is online marketers and SEO-ers want to survive, they will have to come up with new ideas that respect Google's site quality requirements and they must also drop the old techniques.

This new era that has just started is also pointing out to new opportunities, not only threats. Keep in mind that not only your business was hit, but also your competitors' sites.



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