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How Not to Become a Target For Google's Penalties

Published: January 22, 2012

Edited: April 22, 2014

While many are struggling to get higher in the Google search results, there are some of us who are specifically avoiding getting penalized.
Perhaps you know what you need to do in order to climb in the ranks, but do you know what you shouldn't do?

Which are those specific techniques that you shouldn't conduct in order to avoid getting penalized by Google?

Here are some of the main things, which if avoided, can keep your site clean:

Avoid Textual Patterns That Scream "Optimized Site"

This means: avoiding repeating not only keywords, but expressions and sentences that sound strongly similar, cutting out the repetition of exact match keywords and even combinations of words that resemble each other closely, avoiding poor language.

It's good having rich grammar, using synonyms and focusing on creating diverse rich content for human readers, not spiders).

Don't Focus on Just a Few Link Host Sites

Whether you comment or you leave links in forums or, whether you publish guest articles containing links - you should focus on diversity! Regardless how powerful a particular site is, you should not overdo link building with them.

For example: having 20 % of your links on a single site is bad enough...

Other example: if you have 200 backlinks and you have these on 30 sites only, then you're not diversified enough!

A better example would be: having 200 backlinks on 150 different relevant websites.

When Obtaining Links, Don't Overlook C-blocks

It's commonly known that different IP address backlinks are healthier than having many links from the exact same IP address. The latter will attract search engine penalties with high certainty.


Avoid Having a Poor Link Profile

Bad link profiles attract negative attention. The more diverse and the more natural it is, the better for your site.

Too many reciprocal links, too many same or similar anchor text links, too many "do follow" links, not enough deep links to inner pages, too many links from low authority sites, links from spammy pages, too many links from too few sites, too few links overall to your site from anywhere, sitewide links, blogroll links etc. - all these can attract Google penalties!

Don't Talk Openly About Your SEO Techniques

If you openly discuss your SEO techniques on forums or otherwise explicitly "scream out" that you're SEO-ing, then you become a magnet for Google's Panda or Penguin.

Otherwise, having guest posts on other sites labeled as "guest post" is again making your site a target for Google's penalties.

Don't Acquire Links From Sites That Publicly Announce They're Selling Them

This includes paid guest posts, paid featured links, directory links and others. If Google knows they're selling links, it's highly likely that they'll punish them and their clients' sites as well!



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