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Stream >> The Illusions in Social Media Marketing - Misconceptions and Lack of Strategies


The Illusions in Social Media Marketing
- Misconceptions and Lack of Strategies

Published: March 30, 2012

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Ever since the rise of social media marketing, business owners and marketers have been continuously making the same mistakes over an over again, not recognizing the true purpose of these channels.

Misconceptions, illusions bring more harm than good to online businesses.

The vast number of social media fan pages and other accounts are still improperly used by those willing to empower their business with them.

The most common, rather naive misbelief is that social media channels are advertising and sales channels. Instead of focusing on communicating with the members and stimulating loyalty, the business owners are filling their accounts with advertisements, pushing the clients to buy their products. This creates an adverse effect and the subscriber will most probably drop their membership or simply disregard the unwanted messages.

Unsubscriptions and message hiding are getting more frequent in case of Facebook fans.

Facebook pages are the most often-used social media means of interacting with members, fans, clients. But when these accounts are mostly used for advertising, the number of likes won't grow higher than a modest level.

Too intense advertising on Facebook has a harmful effect on businesses.

Fans and clients tend to expect something else than what they will already find on the business' webpages and advertisements across the web.

Excessive self-referential messages are also considered to do harm to a business. Fewer people will be interested in joining Facebook pages or following Twitter channels, if they are being fed with information about the respective company/business or person.

Users are rather immune to advertising posts and are less excited about receiving more and more self-referential messages.

These two are among the primary causes for losing social media members.

The most common mistake is to feed the users with less-appealing content, which will adversely act as a deterrent. Advertising backfires. Clients need stimulation, communication, but nothing in excess. Certainly, advertising through social media channels should be minimal.

Entering social media without any strategy at all is a common mistake among web business owners and it does more harm than good. Remember: the interaction can harm a business, not only add to it. In fact, some companies are using Facebook "successfully" to ruin their own reputation.

It depends on each business what type of strategy it develops for communicating through social media, but recognizing these key causes of unsuccess is essential in reaching the objectives.

During the period 2008-2010, a boom in social media occurred, as it had become indispensable for online businesses and even click-and-mortar type businesses. Though, the sheer number of misperceptions are making social media accounts a "social junkyard" and an increasing number of people are becoming less keen on joining such communities, channels.

If your social media pages, channels are feeding "social spam", it might do far more bad to your enterprise than if you wouldn't use social media at all!



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