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Why Link Building is Still Essential in SEM

Published: December 25, 2013

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Despite the harsh Google algorithms and agonizing stories circulating in the online marketing community, link building is still a vital part of any search engine marketing campaign.
You build a brand new site and you just have to let people know about it!

Despite Google talking discouragingly about link building, it is still a vital factor for websites.

A great content-containing website with few and low-quality backlinks won't draw substantial visitors, nor profit, no matter the potential it has.

Social media and the user metrics are important indeed, but acquiring links can raise awareness and improve the SERPs (which are still the best source for free traffic). One of the best ways to do this is through guest articles.

As 2014 is nearing, the most effective link building techniques are primarily based on guest posts with embedded links placed on high quality and related websites. Don't swap links, buy only a handful of featured links or directory links, as they're a thing of the past and might get your site severely downgraded.

As things are looking, we will still conduct guest article campaigns in 2014. These are powerful ways to reach out to readers interested in your subjects (provided that you managed targeting them adequately, through relevant websites - where you placed your posts).

"Nofollow" links are still important. Its' the functionality of links that are more important than whether they pass PageRank or not.

Accumulate lots of "nofollow" links on as many reputable related sites as you can and it will not only bring you visitors, but also social media buzz and Google will be more likely to consider those links natural.



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