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Required Skills For Online Marketers in 2013

Published: January 12, 2013

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Are you an online marketer or SEO-er?
Regardless whether you are running your own business or if you are seeking a job in this field, there are plenty of skills that are either indispensable or highly valued.

Web-based business trends have changed. Things aren't quite as they have been for years. Especially between 2008-2012, e-business has gone through tremendous changes. This has affected the way we do business, the way we manage websites and promot products.

One must be up-to-date with the latest trends, conditions on the market. Theoretical knowledge and technical skills are equally important.

Here's a list of skills for 2013:

1. HTML and CSS Coding In the modern world of easy-to-use CMS systems, most people don't know how to code CSS, but not even the humble HTML! A big mistake for professionals, especially if you're running your own business! The success of any online business lies partly in the way it is coded.

2. Google Analytics Google's web statistics program has gotten more sophisticated during recent years. In the past it was enough to understand the stats shown by programs like AWSTATS and Urchin. Today, Google Analytics offers far more - including measuring detailed geographical stats, additional indicators (e.g. bounce rate) and it also allows conversion tracking. Nowadays it's not enough to watch the number of visitors, the CTR, the number of sales and the profit. You will have to professionally track conversions with software.

3. Google AdWords The biggest, trendiest PPC network. You should obtain a certificate as well - a "must have" for online marketers seeking a job, but a "should have" for those offering similar services through their own business (qualification certificates are given to individuals and businesses as well).

4. Google Webmaster Tools This "package" rather than a single web-based application is indispensable for managing websites. You aren't a real internet marketer if you don't know how to use its tools, as they're indispensable for managing and SEO-ing any website for Google marketing.

5. CMS Systems WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are just three of the most widely-used CMS systems. In a rather unusual way, plenty of job offers include the knowledge of one or more of these as a necessary requirement. "Small bloggers" usually use WordPress, but Joomla even allows the integration of sophisticated systems - very useful even for larger businesses.

6. Up-to-date Understanding of Google's Algorithms and Updates The Panda, Penguin algorithms and updates, as well as updates like the EMD update are vital to understand for all online marketers. Of course, is a good place to gather information about them!



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